Beginner Level:  Stem and leaves

Let’s start with a very simple design to get the hang of shading with chalk.  You just need green.

Draw a simple swirl or “s”.

The leaf is made of 2 fairly flat arcs.  Draw one arc, then draw the other side. You will have to pick up your chalk.  

TIP:  Keep rotating your chalk so that it doesn’t get too flat and dull.

Draw another line on one side of your leaf to make a shade line.  Then add a very light center vein line in the middle.

Finish your drawing off by making more leaves on alternating sides of your stem.  Be consistent with your shade lines: all at the bottom or all at the top.

Beginner to Moderate:  Lemon slice

For this drawing you will just need yellow and white chalk.

Very lightly draw a half circle.

Darken just the arc (the peel) portion by going back and forth with the yellow chalk, making it a little thicker each time.

Add a slightly thinner white line, just inside the yellow arc.

On the straight line on the top, find the ½ way point and draw a white dot.

Then create the segments by drawing 4 or 5 lines from the white dot to the white arc.  Try to make each section about the same size.


Final touches:  Thicken your white segment lines and as they reach the white arc, round your edges a little.


Fill in the center of the segments with yellow.  Save a small space near the white dot to add white seeds.  Also try to make your segments darker as you go toward the arc and away from the dot by chalking over them multiple times.

Moderate, but you can do it:  Succulent plant

Start with green, yellow, white and pink chalk.  The idea is that most of the leaves are the shape of rounded triangles, except for the center leaves, which are more rounded.

I started drawing with the green chalk, but looking back, I would have started with white.  

Just make an arc and a little triangular leaf.

So I am going to show you pictures adding 2 leaves at a time.  Here we go…

Add yellow highlights.

Trace the leaves in white, if you didn’t draw them in white.

Start to shade with green in the center of the whole plant and at the bottom of each leaf where it is about to touch the leaf overlapping it.

Lightly shade with green towards the points on the leaf being careful not to cover the yellow or white.

Add pink just to the points of most of the outer 3 rows or so of leaves.

And you are done!

Send me a picture of your chalk drawing!

Posted by:Karen Riley

2 replies on “3 Simple Sidewalk Chalk Designs

  1. YOU ARE BRILLIANT….. and creative out the wazoo
    Thank you. I’ll show ya mine when I finish ❤️❤️❤️❤️💕❤️💕


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