“In essence, kinesthetic learners process information best when they are physically engaged during the learning process.” – The Study Gurus

When I started homeschooling my oldest child (we did a hybrid homeschool option where he spent 2 weekdays at school and 3 weekdays at home doing lessons with me), he learned fairly well from books and workbooks, essentially visual interactions. He did really enjoy getting outside and playing learning games. (See my other Math Game posts.)

So when my second child started the same hybrid homeschool option, I used the exact same methods with her that worked for my son.

Oops! She is a different person and learns more efficiently in a different way than he did. So after years of searching for the best method for her, we found that she learns best when she is physically engaged.

These are her tips from the research that she has done.


  • try getting the book in a audio form and doing an activity (could be anything from practicing basketball to pacing) while listening
  • if an audio book is not available, run your finger along the words where you are reading in an actual book

Sitting in a lecture 

  • for online lectures, try getting a yoga ball to bounce on
  • stand up
  • tap your feet
  • take notes on paper

Just make sure you are not distracting yourself!


  • make or print out a study guide 
  • have someone to ask you the questions
  • OR record yourself asking the questions with a pause after each one (make sure you leave enough time for an answer)
  • go somewhere to exercise (anything from practicing basketball to walking – inside or outside) while answering the questions out loud, even if it’s a mumble, and even if you have to look at the study guide while doing this activity
  • flashcards can be used when you are participating in an activity that you don’t need your hands for (riding a stationary bike)

Examples of activities

  • throw and catch a ball
  • basketball
  • jump on a trampoline
  • ride a stationary bike
  • run, jog, or walk
  • ride a scooter around

Final thoughts

Typical kinesthetic learners like shorter study sessions.

Most kinesthetic learners have good memories, but they remember things better by doing them. If that is not possible, imagining an example or associating the content to be learned will work too.

Not everyone is the same, so try different methods to see what works best for you.

Most people use a combination of all three learning techniques: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. 

Resources: The-kinesthetic-learning-style-3212046


Let us know if you have any other ways to learn more easily!

Posted by:Karen Riley

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