I have been practicing with watercolor recently and sent out this card for Mother’s Day. It is also really easy to make for anyone who might be sick, alone, or having a birthday soon.


Watercolor paper, brush, and container of water

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Step 1: Paint the watercolor paper with different colors.

I used a wet brush, orange, bright yellow, red, and purple and made some horizontal strokes back and forth across my paper. For a more cloudy look (top right hand corner), I wet the paper with just plain water before I added color. Also, you can leave some white showing for highlights and contrast.

Set it aside to dry.

Step 2: Cut card stock sheet in half.

Use a paper slicer to cut the card stock in half or a ruler and scissors to cut the card stock in half.

Step 3: Print and cut out hearts.

Print the hearts on page 2 of the post and then cut them out.

TIP: Hold the scissors and slowly cut while turning the paper.

Step 4: Trace hearts on watercolor paper.

Find the color combinations that are the best.

Suggestion: Have the hearts all facing in the same direction so that the paint strokes are going in the same direction.

Step 5: Cut out hearts on watercolor paper.

If there are any pencil marks, be sure to erase them.

Step 6: Glue the hearts to the card.

Take the half of the page of card stock and fold it in half.

Start gluing the hearts to the card. Glue the largest, then the medium one, then the smallest on top. Let it dry.

Fill it out the inside with “Happy Birthday,” “My heart belongs to you,” “Get well,” or some other special message and send it to someone you love!

Posted by:Karen Riley

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