I am one of those people that really does like math.  There is always an answer, even if I don’t know it, and Math is rarely subjective.  

Although memorizing basic math facts is a crucial foundation, I also want my kids to understand how the equations work.  

My youngest child is still working on solidifying all of her addition facts.  So, along with showing her math fact cards each day, I am going to keep trying different methods to help her understand.


  • Basketball goal or large stick
  • Rope
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Ruler

Step 1:  Tie the rope to the basketball goal or large stick.

Using a rope or string will give you a nice even arc.

Step 2:  Make sure your arc doesn’t go off your driveway.

Before you start chalking the arc, walk the end of your rope all the way around your half circle to make sure it doesn’t go off the driveway.

Step 3:  Tie the chalk to your rope and make a large arc.

Step 4:  Measure about 16-18 inches and make a chalk line about 12-15 inches long.

The lines should radiate from the top of your arc like rays of the sun, 16-18 inches apart and extending about 12-15 inches from your half circle.

Step 5:  Make chalk numbers starting with 2 and going up by 2’s.

My chalk even numbers are about 9-10 inches tall.

Step 6:  Write the doubles fact underneath the answer.

We can hop along the arc, shoot baskets, or throw bean bags to practice.

Step 7:  Write all the doubles facts in order.

I wrote all the doubles facts in order on another part of the driveway so we can see the pattern.  Now she can see that each doubles fact answer goes up by 2 and her counting by 2’s is coming along nicely.

Feel free to send in your pictures or subscribe for other ideas!

Posted by:Karen Riley

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