During this season of staying at home, I have seen Dads walking and riding bikes, all with kids and dogs in tow.  I know more Dads are cooking, cleaning, and repairing things around the house, all while trying to also work from home.  And let’s not forget all the Grandpas that have missed their grandchildren terribly.

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so here are some card ideas to show them how much you love them!


For print outs, click on link (https://homeplate101.com/?p=471), find the page with the item you are looking for, and then right click on title (Print outs for Father’s Day). Check your print preview for the correct page to print.

NOTE:  If you would like to draw your own, feel free to see the links at the bottom.

(This post contains affiliate links – by purchasing through my affiliate links, I receive a small  commission, but I will only recommend things that I like!)

6 different options for the Dad or Grandpa that loves sports:

Choose the ball that best suits your Dad!
  • Print out the ball or balls of choice.
  • Color the ball with colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paint. Notice that the balls are darker at the bottom to create a more 3-dimensional look.
  • Cut out the ball carefully.

TIP:  When cutting, turn the paper and while holding the scissors fairly steady.

  • Choose a sheet of 9 inch by 12 inch construction paper.  Any color will be fine.  
  • Turn the paper horizontally, so it is 9 inches tall and 12 inches wide.  
  • Mark 3 inch from each end.
  • Fold both ends toward the middle.
  • Glue only HALF the ball to one side of the folded construction paper.  If you add too much glue, the ball will stick to both flaps and the card will not open.
  • Write a fun message inside!

Option 7:  For the Dad or Grandpa that loves tech.

  • Print out the Cell Phone Card.
  • Color it.  You can also add your own icons!
  • Fold it.
  • Write a clever message inside.

Option 8:  For the Dad or Grandpa that loves anything athletic or outdoors.

  • Print out the Baseball Hat Card.
  • Color it.  You can also add your own logo!  Notice the darker shading on the lower part of the hat, edge of the brim, and underneath the brim.  It makes it look more 3-dimensional.
  • Fold it.
  • Write a clever message inside.  (Hats off to you, Dad!)

Option 9:  Old School Shirt and Tie Card

This is still one of my favorites and so easy to make!

  • Choose a sheet of construction paper. 
  • Orient it vertically (12 inch tall and 9 inches wide).
  • Measure 1 inch from the top and 2 1/2 inches from both outer edges.
  • Cut the slits.
  • Fold the tabs over carefully.  Try not to crease the tabs. 
  • Glue the tabs with a dab of glue, being careful to leave the tips without glue so you can slide the tie underneath.  OR glue the tie down in the middle first and then fold the tabs over and glue.
  • Use the hole puncher to punch out 2 small circles from some white paper. 
  • Put 2 small dots on the circles to make them look like buttons, or if you have real buttons, you can glue these on near the tips of the collar.
  • Print out the tie.
  • Color the tie with colored pencils, crayons, markers, or paint.
  • Cut out the tie.
  • Glue just the knot of the tie (top part) under the tabs of the construction paper.
  • Write a note to Dad or Grandpa under the tie or on the shirt!

Option 10:  The Fill-In-The-Blank Letter

This is a great option for older kids.

  • Print out a copy for each child in your family.
  • Have each child fill in the letter for their Dad or Grandpa.  Their insight might surprise you.

Happy Father’s Day!

Here are the links to draw your own:

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