I know it is early for Christmas, but these ornaments are easy and fun to make. Even someone who is “not crafty or artistic” can have success. An added bonus is that they turn out great too! You can make them all the same, to match your tree, or you can just give your kids some paint and see what happens…

Yellow base with gold paint top coat


  • Paper Mache Stars
  • Acrylic paint (my favorite brand is Anita’s)
  • Silver, gold, or glitter paint
  • Paint brush – medium rounded brush
  • Scrap paper to put underneath
  • Additional things like gel pens, glitter, salt

(This post contains affiliate links – by purchasing through my affiliate links, I receive a small  commission, but you are not charged a higher price and I will only recommend things that I like!)

Green, glitter paint, and white

Step 1: Paint the whole star white.

With the white acrylic paint, paint the bottom of the star. Let it dry. When it is dry, turn it over and paint the top.

NOTE: It is best to hang up the star when it is drying so it doesn’t stick to anything.

Step 2: Decide on your colors.

To get a marbled look, have a base color in mind. Paint that on first and then, while the paint is still wet, quickly add a little of your top coat paint. For example, in the star below, I started with a base color of red and then added gold as the top coat.

Red base coat with gold top coat

Step 3: Add finishing touches (optional).

I used a silver gel pen to add some more silver streaks to this blue star. I started from the center and drew lines toward the tips while rotating the star.

Blue base coat with silver glitter paint and silver gel pen

I used silver glitter paint and salt sprinkled over the top of this star while the paint was wet to give it some texture.

White base coat with glitter paint and salt

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